Part II – Fire Pyrolysis and Fire Chemistry

Insights into Pyrolysis Modeling: Sensitivity Analyses
M. Chaos

Formation of Chlorinated Dibenzo-p-dioxins and Dibenzofurans (CDD/F) and Their Precursors in Oxidation of 4-Chlorobiphenyl
S. Hou, B. Z. Dlugogorski, M. Altarawneh, J. C. Mackie and E. M. Kennedy

Investigation of Pyrolysis Reactions and Ultra Fuel Rich Oxidation
H. M. Hakka, A. Pekalski, P. -A. Glaude, F. Battin-Leclerc, R. F. Cracknell, D. Bradley and S. Chynoweth

Kinetic and Mechanistic Study into Emission of HCl in Fires of PVC
N. Ahubelem, M. Altarawneh and B. Z. Dlugogorski

Kinetic Effects on Pyrolysis Modeling of Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer Composites
E. Kim, N. Dembsey and S. Shivkumar

Theoretical Study of Decomposition of Thiophenic Compounds in Accidental and Spontaneous Fires of Coal
T. Dar, M. Altarawneh and B. Z. Dlugogorski

Modeling Pyrolysis of a Thermoplastic Using an Optimization Process of Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer Simulations
D. Alvear, O. Abreu, M. Lázaro, E. Puente and D. Lázaro

A New Model to Predict Thermal Decomposition, Ignition and Burning of Polymer and Composite Materials
A. Snegirev, V. Talalov, V. Stepanov and J. Harris

Development of a Model to Predict the Anaerobic Pyrolysis of Corrugated Cardboard
M. McKinnon, S. Stoliarov and A. Witkowski

Evaluation of the Predictive Capability of Pyrolysis Models Based on a Calibrated Semi-Empirical Approach
Z. Ghorbani, R. Webster, M. Lázaro and A. Trouvé