Part II – Fire Ignition and Extinction

Examination of the Influence of Inert Materials on the Spontaneous Ignition and Burnout of Porous Solid Materials
B. Binkau, C. Wanke and U. Krause

Fuel Mass Loss Rates and Extinction Behavior of n-Heptane Pool Fires in Mechanically-Ventilated Reduced-Scale Compartment
A. S-X. Loo, A. Coppalle and P. Aîné

Enhanced Gas-Phase Flame-Extinction Model for Fires
R. Acharya, M. B. Colket and V. Sankaran

Flammability Limits in Mixtures of Flammable Gas (CH4 , H2 ) – N2O – Fluorinated Hydrocarbons
V. V. Azatyan, A. Yu. Shebeko, Yu. N. Shebeko, A. V. Zuban and V. Yu. Navzenya

Thermal Oscillations and Peroxide Bombs: Design and Simulation of a Calorimetric Explosives Detector
R. Ball

Experimental Flammability Analysis of A2L Refrigerant Gases
T. Saburi, A. Matsugi, H. Shiina, A. Takahashi and Y. Wada