Part II – Fire Flame Spread and Growth

Flame Spread Behavior Over Quartz Sand Soaked with Ethanol
Q. S. Wang, Y. Yin, G. Z. Shao, Q. J. Sun, Y. F. Su, H. H. Xiao and J. H. Sun

Flame Spread Measurements on Mattresses with Two Methods
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Characterization of Flame Growth on ABS by Measurement of Flame to Surface Heat Feedback
I. T. Leventon and S. I. Stoliarov

Large Eddy Simulation of Propylene Turbulent Vertical Wall Fires
N. Ren, Y. Wang, S. Vilfayeau and A. Trouvé

Storage Height Effects on Fire Growth Rates of Cartoned Commodities
Y. Xin

Multi-Spectral Infrared Analysis of Lithium-Ion Battery Bulk-Storage Fire Tests
J. de Vries and B. D. Ditch