Part II – Fire Fire Dynamics

A Gas Burner to Emulate Condensed-Phase Burning
Y. Zhang, M. J. Bustamante, K. T. Dotson, P. B. Sunderland and J. G. Quintiere

Burning on Flat Wicks at Various Orientations
M. J. Bustamante, Y. Zhang, K. T. Dotson, P. B. Sunderland and J. G. Quintiere

Comparison of Thermal Degradation and Flammability Behaviours of Glass Fibre Reinforced PA66 with Brominated and Halogen Free Fire Retardants
M. Suzanne, B. Bakirtzis, A. Ramani, S. Ukleja, M. McKee, J. Zhang and M. A. Delichatsios

Development and Characterization of a Soot Flame
H. Guo, P. M. Anderson and P. B. Sunderland

Modeling Soot Radiation from Rich and Lean Regions of Fires
P. Chatterjee, J. L. de Ris, Y. Wang and S. B. Dorofeev

An Insight of Combustibility Induced Safety Issues Pertaining to Ionic Liquids
A. O. Diallo, B. Truchot, G. Marlair and C. Len

Fire Risk Assessment for Main Pipelines for Transportation of Oil and Gas
D. M. Gordienko, Yu. N. Shebeko, A. Yu. Shebeko and V. A. Truneva

A Fire in a Drying and Milling Plant for a Natural Food Additive
T. Skjold

Jet Flames, Flares and Pool Fires: Prediction of Flame Lift-Off, Plume and Flame Height Under Choked and Unchoked Conditions
D. Bradley, J. Casal, P. H. Gaskell and A. Palacios

The Development of a Pool Fire Test Procedure for LPG Vessels Using Propane Gas Burners
I. Bradley, H. N. Phylaktou and G. E. Andrews