Part III – Explosion Dust Explosion

Progress on the Research into the Influence of Dustiness on Dust Explosions
A. Klippel, M. Scheid and U. Krause

Calibration of a 10L Volume Dust Holding Pot for the 1m3 Standard Vessel for Use in Low-Bulk-Density Biomass Explosibility Testing
H. Sattar, C. M. Huescar, H. N. Phylaktou, G. E. Andrews and B. M. Gibbs

Determination of Explosion Behaviour of Nano Powders with Modified 20-L-Sphere Test
A. Krietsch, C. Gothe, M. Scheid and U. Krause

New Ignition Source “Exploding Wire” for the Determination of Explosion Characteristics of Combustible Dusts in the 20-L Sphere
M. Scheid, A. Klippel, R. Tschirschwitz, V. Schröder, S. Zirker and C. Kusche

Explosion Protection with Metal Dust Fuels: New Experimental Evidence
J. R. Taveau, J. Vingerhoets, J. Snoeys, J. E. Going and T. M. Farrell

Propagation of Flames in Aluminum-Air and Aluminum-Methane-Air Mixtures within Balloons
P. Julien, S. Whiteley, S. Goroshin, J. M. Bergthorson and D. L. Frost

Quenching of Methane-Aluminum Hybrid Flames in Narrow Channels
J. Palecka, S. Goroshin, J. Bergthorson, D. L. Frost and A. Higgins

The Influence of Particle Size and Volatile Content on the Reactivity of HC and HCO Chemical and Biomass Dusts
D. J. F. Slatter, C. Huescar Medina, H. Sattar, G. E. Andrews, H. N. Phylaktou and B. M. Gibbs

Influence of Reactant Temperature on Coal-Particle Methane-Air Hybrid Flames
M. Lee and A. S. Rangwala

Vented Hybrid Explosions of Methane and Coal Dust
Z. X. Yan, B. M. Fakandu, H. N. Phylaktou and G. E. Andrews

Torrefaction Effects on the Reactivity and Explosibility of Woody Biomass
C. Huescar Medina, H. N. Phylaktou, G. E. Andrews and B. M. Gibbs