Part III – Explosion Deflagration Venting

A Large Scale Study of the Venting of Confined Explosions into Unobstructed and Congested Flammable Vapour Clouds
G. Tomlin and D. M. Johnson

A Novel Correlation for Vented Hydrogen-Air Deflagrations
V. Molkov and M. Bragin

Flameless Venting Using Polyurethane Foam
G. E. Andrews, B. M. Fakandu, D. Stride, L. Witty and H. N. Phylaktou

Effect of Initial Turbulence on Vented Explosion Overpressures
C. R. Bauwens and S. B. Dorofeev

The Effect of Vent Area Distribution in Gas Explosion Venting and Turbulent Length Scale Influence on the External Explosion Overpressure
B. M. Fakandu, Z. X. Yan, H. N. Phylaktou and G. E. Andrews