Part III – Explosion Deflagration and Flame Acceleration

A Universal Parameter Quantifying Explosion Hazards, Detonability and Hot Spot Formation: The χ Number
M. I. Radulescu, G. J. Sharpe and D. Bradley

Acceleration of Flames in Tube Explosions with Two Obstacles as a Function of the Obstacle Separation Distance: The Influence of Mixture Reactivity
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Flame Acceleration Through a Matrix of Cylinders
T. Pinos and G. Ciccarelli

The Effect of Vegetation with Various Degrees of Foliage on Gas Explosions in a 1.5 m Channel
H. H. Pedersen, G. A. Enstad, T. Skjold and R. W. Brewerton

Influence of Buoyancy in Unconfined Deflagrations: Experiments in Soap Bubbles
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Vapour Cloud Explosions and Their Propensity to Create a Fire Storm
D. Bradley, M. Lawes, G. M. Makhviladze and A. Palacios