Multilayer Special Session       

A Waveguide to Microstrip Transition Design using LTCC at Millimetre-Wave Frequencies
Tony Pellikka, Jan Svedin and Hans Grönqvist

Numerical Studies on the Thermo-Mechanical Behaviour of Multilayer Ceramics during Co-Sintering
Gérard Delette, Stéphane Bredeau, Mathilde Carriquiry and Jacky Brancillon

Green Tapes Developed for Structuring, Lamination and Inmould Labelling
Anja Kucera, Steffen Ziesche, Hans-Jürgen Richter and Tassilo Moritz

Development of Micro Fluidic Component by Embossing, Laser Ablation and Screen Printing
Anja Kucera, Steffen Ziesche, Dominik Jurkow, Hans-Jürgen Richter, Karol Malecha, Tassilo Moritz and Leszek Golonka

Laser Drilling of Green Ceramic Tapes: Pulse Duration/Shape Effects
P. V. Petkov and Alex Kolew

Tape Casting Process Integration — Casting on a Structured Carrier Film
J. Stiernstedt, M. Cristea, H. Grönqvist and E. Carlström

Inspection of Multilayer Ceramic Structure Lamination Quality – Comparison of Nondestructive Methods
Dominik Jurkow, Karol Malecha, Zbigniew Suszynski, Johanna Stiernstedt, Göran Wetter and Leszek Golonka

Manufacturing Technologies for Multi Material Multi Layered Ceramic Microsystems
G. Hagen, T. Kopp and S. Ziesche

Direct Measurement of Drying Stresses in Colloidal Alumina Films
A. C. G. Hopkinson and W. J. Clegg