Table of Contents

The VMO Standard & ISO 19001-6 Marine Operations
Per Øystein Alvær

DynCap – The Next Level Dynamic DP Capability Analysis
Luca Pivano, Øyvind Notland Smogeli and Bjørnar Vik

Dynamic Positioning IMO Class 3 – The Next Level
B. H. Wong and C. Mohan

Experience and Challenges of Ultra-Large Floating Offshore Infrastructures
Seiichi Gyobu, Kenshi Yoshimura, Hayato Suga and Tatsuya Hayashi

A Methodology for Rapid Selection of a Seaworthy Vessel for Offshore Wind Turbine Construction, Operation and Mainteinance
Giuseppe Mortola, Hassan Khalid, Sol Judah, Atilla Incecik and Osman Turan

The Turbine Foundation Liner Concept – Environmentally Friendly and Cost Effective Alternative for the Installation of Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations
Jort Brouwer

The Aegir, a Deepwater Construction Vessel with A New Way of Reeling
Ewoud Bloem and Jules Röben

Conversion of an Ageing Oil Tanker into a Supply (S)OCV
Ivan C. E. Silva, Marta C. T. Reyes, Isaias Q. Masetti and Peter Kaleff

Ultra Deep water Drilling Rigs, Operational Challenges
Harald Frigstad

Estimation of Extreme Response from Operations Involving Transients
Peter Chr. Sandvik

Engineering a Marine Lifting Operation
Rahul Kanotra, Chellakat Joe-Joe and John G. Nolte, III

Comparison with full Scale Measurements for Lifting Operations
Tore Jacobsen, Tor-Bjørn Idsøe Næss and Daniel Karunakaran

Insulation of Flowlines: Pipe-In-Pipe Design
Chia Hong Kiat, Kavitha Raghavendra, Sia Yoke Kheng and Goh Kia Hock

Optimization of Jacking for Float-Over Decks
N. Nagaraju and K. Robin

Full Sequence Numerical Modelling for Floatover Operation
Yu Hao, Nor Bahrain Ahmad Zukni and Haydar Buredah

Dynamic Simulation of Marine Structures based on a State-Space Model
M. S. Chen, Y. S. Choo and R. Eatock Taylor

Seakeeping and Sloshing Analysis of FLNG During Offloading Operations
X. B. Chen, L. Diebold and G. De-Hauteclocque

Numerical Simulation of Motion Responses of LNG-FPSO and LNGC in Side-By-Side Operation Condition
Dong-Min Park, Kyong-Hwan Kim, Min-Guk Seo and Yonghwan Kim

Responses of Floating Bodies with Flexible Connections
L. Sun, Y. S. Choo, R. Eatock Taylor and Carlos Llorente

Design of Large Buoyancy Tank Connections
Jagdish Budiyal, Jeevanth Puthiya Purayil and N. Nagaraju

Platform Foundation Installations in Deepwater Calcareous Silt
Peter Marshall

Installation of Offshore Driven Piles – Regional Experience
K. Mukherjee and N. Nagaraju

Drilled and Grouted Pile Installation Under Positive Head Conditions
Dean Gregorevic

Anchor Handling Vessel Behavior in Horizontal Plane in a Uniform Current Field During Operation
Giri Raja Sekhar Gunnu, Wu Xiaopeng and Torgeir Moan

Methodology for Overboarding Operations
Rafael Araujo, Murilo A. Vaz and Pedro Couto

Effectiveness of the PIM (Pendulous Installation Method) of Heavy Bodies on the Sea Bottom
Antonio C. Fernandes, Anderson Ricardo Webler Soares and Cassiano Neves

After Action Review for a Permanent Platform Wire Replacement
Regan Miller and Todd Veselis