The growth of mega cities has been particularly dramatic across parts of Asia. The need for quality living space coupled with the increasing density of infrastructural development poses unprecedented challenges and opportunities for the geo-industry. The purpose of this international symposium is to provide a platform to showcase recent advances in ground technology and geo-information systems. This symposium is a continuation of the First International Conference on Information Technology in Geo-Engineering (ICITG) that was successfully held in Shanghai, 16–17 September 2010. Effective application of innovative ground technology including information technology is needed to:

The main theme in this symposium is on geo-innovations applicable to all work processes from site investigation, design, construction, monitoring, testing, etc that can promote more creative exploitation of underground space/systems while improving safety, productivity, economy, and harmony with the natural environment.

This symposium is held in Singapore, 1–2 December 2011, in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting of the Geotechnical Society of Singapore. It is jointly organized by Geotechnical Society of Singapore, National University of Singapore, and Tongji University. It is supported by JTC2 (Representation of Geo-Engineering Data in Electronic Form), ATC10 (Urban Geo-informatics) and various sister societies in Singapore.

This proceedings contains 58 papers from 17 countries (Australia, Austria, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom, and United States) including 8 keynote papers and 7 invited ATC10 papers from world renowned experts.

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