Maritime Operations Specialty Symposium

Editor(s): Yoo Sang Choo and David N Edelson

Reviewed By:

Dev Ranmuthugala,
Head, Maritime Engineering,
The National Centre for Maritime Engineering and Hydrodynamics Australian Maritime College


Art Shrimpton
Lecturer, Offshore Operations
Australian Maritime College

Some reference books are written by those involved in operations and they focus on practical methods and guidelines but do not cover the technology and science behind the approach, conversely other books, mainly of academic origin, focus extensively on the maths and science but have few practical examples showing applications. This volume has a foot in both camps - it gives the reader an overview of the most up to date practices used in this technically challenging area, but also describes the maths and science underpinning these approaches. As well as considering the merits and applications of the current crop of computer simulation design packages, the importance of industry codes are stressed through contributors drawn from a range of practising engineers and leading researchers from the industry, supplemented by a range of practical examples and case studies....

There is currently no single text book that addresses the range of activities involved in `Offshore Operations'. This volume goes a long way in addressing this deficiency and will be a useful companion to offshore/ocean engineering students and as well as for practising engineers and technical staff in the oil and gas sector.