Asian Journal of Environment and Disaster Management (AJEDM)

Volume 5 Number 2 (2013)

doi: 10.3850/S1793924013003015

A Mobile Mapping Approach for Disaster Management

Amir Saeed Homainejad
Independent Research Group on Geospatial, Tehran, I.R. Iran. me


This paper is addressing an interactive 3D model approach applicable in disaster management requirement in an urban enviroment. The 3D model has been developed from spatial sources such as aerial images, laser scanner data, topography, etc. which its core is mobile mapping efficiency. The 3D model has following elements: i) each object must be interactively updated or upgraded without affecting other objects, ii) any spatial data from any spatial sources can be easily integrated in the 3D model, and iii) a topological relationship between elements of the 3D model has to be established. To reach the above aspects, each spatial object is individually captured in a 3D space and a topological relationship has been established between them. The aim of creating the 3D model is to provide a 3D map from both internal and external environment that can be used by a rescue team within a disaster event.

Keywords: Mobile mapping, Geospatial, Disaster management.

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