Asian Journal of Environment and Disaster Management (AJEDM)

Volume 3 Number 2 (2011)

Asian Journal of Environment and Disaster Management 2011 3 2

doi: 10.3850/S1793924011000770

Identifying Shape Characteristics of Streamflow Hydrograph and Its Components

Chun-Dan Cheng1,2,a, Shin-Jen Cheng3,*, Jet-Chau Wen1,2,4 and Ju-Huang Lee5
1Graduate School of Engineering Science and Technology, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Douliu, Yunlin 640, Taiwan
2Research Center for Soil & Water Resources and Natural Disaster Prevention, National Yunlin University of Science & Technology, 123, Section 3, University Road, Douliu City, Yunlin County 640, Taiwan, R.O.C.
3Department of Leisure and Recreation Management, Taiwan Shoufu University, 168, Nan-shih Li, Madou, 721, Tainan, Taiwan Taiwan.
4Department and Graduate School of Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Douliou, Yunlin 640, Taiwan.
5Hydrology & Technology Department of Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs of Republic of China, 9-12F., No. 41-3, Sec. 3, Xinyi Rd., Da'an Disrict., Taipei City 106, Taiwan, R.O.C.


This study investigates the characteristics of hydrograph components based on flood disaster mitigation. Component hydrographs were modeled by a model of three serial tanks with one parallel tank. Mean rainfall was calculated using the block Kriging method. The seven parameters were calibrated using the shuffled complex evolution optimal algorithm and 38 events. Based on the analytical results, the findingswere obtained: (1) For single-peak events, times to peak of hydrograph components are an increasing power correlation corresponding to peak time of rainfall; (2) The peak discharges of hydrograph components are linearly proportional to that of total runoff; the ratio for quick runoff is approximately 83% and 17% for the slow runoff; and (3) Relationships of total discharges also have direct ratios between hydrograph components and observed total runoffs; a quick runoff is 52% and 27% for a slow runoff. The remaining discharge is baseflow.

Keywords: Block Kriging; linear reservoir; streamflow components; hydrograph shape.

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