Proceedings of the

The 33rd European Safety and Reliability Conference (ESREL 2023)
3 – 8 September 2023, Southampton, UK

Risk Analysis of Emergency Response to Community Gas Pipeline Leaks Using AcciMap and the STAMP Model

Jiahao Liu1,a, Jinqiu Hu1,b, Shaohua Dong2, Jiancheng Shi1,c and Sanfeng Yang1,d

1College of Safety and Ocean Engineering, China University of Petroleum (Beijing), China. Key Laboratory of Oil and Gas Safety and Emergency Technology, Ministry of Emergency Management, China.

2College of Safety and Ocean Engineering, China University of Petroleum (Beijing), China.


In communities, the frequency of gas pipeline leakage incidents is maintained at a high level due to the complex human and architectural environment of urban communities, as well as the widespread use of the pipelines. When a leak occurs in a gas pipeline, the gas company and the relevant departments need to carry out emergency response. As the response process involves personnel, emergency resources, repair equipment and coordination of social organizations, these uncertainties lead to the existence of risks in the emergency response process. In terms of risk analysis, the AcciMap and STAMP models are currently the most representative methods of systematic analysis. The feasibility of both models in a wide range of industries has been demonstrated in the research literature. However, despite their advantages, their research on risk analysis during emergency response has been limited so far. The aim of this study is to use the AcciMap and STAMP models to identify risk factors during emergency response to the leakage of community gas pipeline, and to compare the variability of the two models for gas pipe leak emergency response. STAMP was used to obtain the failure factors, unsafe control, safety constraints and psychological causative factors, and AcciMap was used to obtain six levels of risk factors. The comparison of the results revealed that the two models have complementary factors, with AcciMap capturing more soft factors in terms of government legislation, social culture, and management, while STAMP more precisely analysed the risk factors that directly lead to system failure.

Keywords: Community gas pipelines, Emergency response, Leakage, Risk analysis, AcciMap, STAMP.

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