Proceedings of the

6th International Symposium on Reliability Engineering and Risk Managemen

Table of Contents

Optimization of Public-Private Partnership Contracts through a Dynamic Principal-Agent Model
Jorge-Mario Lozano-Ramirez and Mauricio Sanchez-Silva

Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Power Grid Systems
Cao Wang, Hao Zhang, Kairui Feng and Quanwang Li

Systemic Resilience Metrics for Interdependent Infrastructure Networks
Raghav Pant, Conrad Zorn, Scott Thacker and Jim W. Hall

Functional Reliability of Urban Arterials
Yadan Yan, Xiaobo Qu, Pei Tong and Dongwei Wang

Uncertain Structural Analysis with Multi-Imprecise Random and Interval Fields
Di Wu, Xiaojun Chen, Wei Gao and Yuguo Yu

Progress and Challenges in Modeling Community Resilience: An Update on the Center for Risk-Based Community Resilience Planning
John W. van de Lindt, Bruce R. Ellingwood, Therese P. McAllister, Paolo Gardoni and Daniel T. Cox

Ship Fleet type Decision Considering Empty Container Allocation
Kai Wang and Shuaian Wang

A Marginal Utility Day-to-day Flow Dynamics for Boundedly Rational User Equilibrium
Liyu Wu, Minyu Shen and Ruijie Li

Optimization of a Cyclic Express Subway Service
Hai Wang, Jiangang Jin and Jingfeng Yang

Port Pricing in Competition: The Impact of Dry Ports
Lingxiao Wu

Compliance and Impact in Sulfur Emission Control Areas for Maritime Transportation: Overview and Future Research
Dan Zhuge, Shuaian Wang, Lu Zhen and Xiuling Hei

Analysis of Transport System Flows Using Vast Mobile Phone Data
Shaoweihua Liu, Anish Khadka, Yang Liu and Zhiyuan Liu a

The Effects of Sampling Number in Slope Stability Assessment
Rui Yang and Jinsong Huang

Probablistic Slope Stability Analysis with Subdomain Sampling Method
Wenping Gong, C. Hsein Juang, Huiming Tang and Lei Wang

Reliability Assessment of Excavations in Spatially Variable Soils using Sobol' Sensitivity Index
N. Yang, M.K. Lo and Y. F. Leung

Qualification of Uncertainty in Soil Stratigraphy based on Cone Penetration Tests
Shuo Zheng, Zi-Jun Cao, Dian-Qing Li and Kok-Kwang Phoon

Geotechnical Full Probabilistic Design Using Monte Carlo Simulation Methods in EXCEL Spreadsheet
Guo-Hui Gao, Zi-Jun Cao, Dian-Qing Li and Yu Wang

Assessing Site Investigation Program for Serviceability Design of Shallow Foundations on Spatially Variable Soil
J. Z. Hu, J. Zhang and L. Wang

Stochastic Response of Large Wind Turbines under Two-Dimensional Wind Fields
Yupeng Song, Jianbing Chen and Yongbo Peng

Stochastic Response of Concrete Structures with Dependent Random Parameters
Jianbing Chen and Zhiqiang Wan

A New Method for Simulating Non-Gaussian and Nonstationary Stochastic Processes
Liang Li, Wanqiu Chen and Hongzhe Dai

Dimension-Reduction Simulation of Multivariate Non-Stationary Ground Motions
Zixin Liu and Zhangjun Liu

Wind Damage Analysis of Debris Impacting on High-building Curtain Walls Considering Local Wind Environment
Mengze Lyu, Xiaoqiu Ai and Jianbing Chen

Reliability based Control Gain Design of Seismic Structures with MR Dampers
ZK Zhang and YB Peng

Robust In-situ Instrument Noise Collibration for Field Vibration Testing
Zuo Zhu and Siu-Kui Au

Sparse Kalman Filter Implementation for Input and State Estimation via Acceleration Measurements
Yong Huang and James L. Beck

Statistical Analysis of Tensile behavior of Corroded Steel Bars
Haijun Zhou, Xuebing Liang, Yifan Zhou and Feng Xing

A Novel Bayesian Operational Modal Analysis Method based on Modal-Component Sampling
Jia-Hua Yang and Heung-Fai Lam

Long-Term Structural Health Monitoring of a 250M High-Rise Building
Feng-Liang Zhang, Yan-Ping Yang and Hai-Bei Xiong

Modal Identification and Comparison of a new Precast Superimposed Slab Shear Wall Building and a Cast-In-Situ Building
Y.C. Ni, Q.W. Zhang and W.S. Lu

Reliability-based Model to Determine the Residual Life of Bridges
Lihai Zhang and Maizuar Maizuar

Global Reliability Analysis of RC Frame Structures under Earthquakes using Subset Simulation
Zi Zhang and Da-Gang Lu

Seismic Behavior of Steel Bridge Piers with Corroded Damages
Keiju Ono, Kazutoshi Nagata, Kunitomo Sugiura and Takeshi Kitahara

Probabilistic Seismic Capacity Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Frame Structures using an Efficient Random Pushover Approach
Xiao-Hui Yu, Ming-Ming Jia and Da-Gang Lu

Probabilistic Analysis for Foundation-Soil Systems Subjected to Vertical Excitations
Jun-Yang Shi and Shi-Shuenn Chen

Variability of Mechanical and Physical Properties of Singapore Bukit Timah Granite Rocks and Residual Soils
Han Liang, Zhang Wengang, Wu Chongzhi and Goh ATC

Constructing Multivariate Probability Distribution for Soil Properties based on Site-Specific Data
Jianye Ching and Kok-Kwang Phoon

The Worst-Case Scenario-Based Seismic Hazard Maps in Guangdong Province, China
Wenqi Du, M.Y. Walling, Heqing Mu, T-C Pan and Cheng Su

Statistical Interpolation of Saptially Varying but Sparsely Measured Geotechnical data using Bayesian Compressive Sampling
Yue Hu, Tengyuan Zhao and Yu Wang

Time-Frequency analysis for Non-Destructive Test Signal of Rock Bolts using Generalized S-Tranform
Liu Liu, Zhen-Ming Shi, Ming Peng, Cheng-Cheng Liu, Feng-Juan Tao and Chun-Sheng Liu

3D Geologic Modeling with Borehole data by General Regression Neural Network
Zhou W. H , Zhao L. S, Chen G. M and Yuen K. V

A Quantitative Framework for Assessing Tsunami Vulnerability of Road Networks
Gaku Shoji and Shiori Ito

Evaluation of Road Surface Irregularity using Accelerations Recorded by Smartphone
Yoshihisa Maruyama, Daichi Kawai and Shigeru Nagata

The Reliability Calculation Method and Program Realization for the Railway Tunnel Portal Structure
Zhao Dong-ping, Hu Wei and Tan Xin-rong

Research on Design Verification of Limit State Method for Railway Tunnel Lining
Hu Wei, Zhao Dong-ping and Zheng Chang-qing

Modeling and Prediction of Parking Location Selection of Passenger Drop-Off Area at Large Intermodal Transportation Terminals
Yang F. Y. and Li T. Z.

Game models of US-China Waste Paper Transportation under the Background of Empty container Allocation
Fangwei Zhang, Jihong Chen, Jian Yuan, Yuhua Zhu and Jiaru Li

Bayesian Model Selection in Finite-Element Model Updating of a Bolt-Connected Steel Frame
Yin Tao and Zhu Hong-Ping

Ambient Modal Identification and Long Term Monitoring of Two Adjacent Structures Separated by an Expansion Point
Pei Liu a, Hai-Xin Zhu, Peng-Yu Lian and Wei-Guo Yang

Experimental Studies on Prestress Force and Applied Load Identification in Prestressed Concrete Box Girder
Ziru Xiang, Tommy H. T. Chan and David P. Thambiratnam

Probabilistic Response Analysis of Offshore Structural Risers with Uncertainties
Jun Li, Pinghe Ni, Hong Hao and Yong Xia

Investigation on the Dynamic Properties of a Footbridge under Different Loadings
Jun Hu and Heung-Fai Lam

Time Dependent Reliability Assessment of Corroded Steel Pipes with Circumferential Cracks under Combined Loading
Guoyang Fu and Chun-Qing Li

Fleet Optimization for Last Mile Transport
Azimah Binti Mohd, Teoh Lay Eng and Khoo Hooi Ling

Spatial Effects in Traffic Safety: A Review and Assessment of Methodological Alternatives
Helai Huang, Ya-ru Gu and Xiaoqi Zha

Hinterland Analysis for Inland Ports in Continuous-Discrete Transportation Network
Tan Zhijia and Meng Qiang

Evaluating the Route Redundancy of Hong Kong Metro Network
Ho-Yin Chan, Anthony Chen, Guo-Yuan Li and Xiangdong Xu

Temporal Change in the Driving Performance of Professional Driver: A Driving Simulator Study
N.N. Sze and Tiantian Chen

On the Compressed Work Schedule in Travel Demand Management
Qida Su and David, Z. W. Wang

Dynamic user Equilibrium Departure Time and Mode Choice in a Bi-modal Corridor with Risk-averse Travelers
Peng Liu, Yang Liu and Ghim Ping Ong

Selection of Characterstics value from Spatially Varying but Sparsely measured Geotechnical Data using Bayesian Comprehensive Sampling
Tengyuan Zhao and Yu Wang

Mobilized Young’s Modulus for a Footing
Jianye Ching and Kok-Kwang Phoon

Reliability Assessment of Ground Surface Settlement Induced by Braced Excavation Subjected to a Significant Groundwater Drawdown
Runhong Zhang, Wengang Zhang and Zhongjie Hou

Reliability Assessment of Slope Stability under Drawdown of Reservoir Water Level
Xuecheng Gao, Wengang Zhang and Wei Wang

Improved Random field Simulation of Soil Deposits by a Potent Autocorrelation Model
Qingxia Yue, Alfredo H-S Ang and Pol D. Spanos

Reliability based Evaluation of Offshore Design Approaches for Compressive Piles in Non-Cohesive Soil
Kirill Alexander Schmoor and Martin Achmus

Identification Procedure of Shallow Weak Layer in Weathered Slope
Shinichi Nishimura, Tatsuya Ueda, Kazunari Imaide, Toshifumi Shibata and Takayuki Shuku

Prediction of the Extreme Air Gap Response in Semi-Submersible Floating Structures
Zizhe Wang and Ying Min Low

A Comparative Fatigue Reliability Study for Key Structural Components of Offshore Wind Turbines
Wenbin Dong, Qinyuan Li, Zhen Gao and Torgeir Moan

Reliability Analysis of Mooring Lines using Subset Simulation
Darrell Leong, Ying Min Low and Youngkook Kim

Advanced Copula and its Impact on Fatigue Analysis of Offshore Structures
Yidan GAO and Sai Hung CHEUNG

Prediction of Extreme Responses of Floating Production Systems using Kernel Density Maximum Entropy
Umberto Alibrandi and Khalid M. Mosalam

Tail Probability Equivalent Linearization Method for Stochastic Dynamic Analysis of marine Risers
Umberto Alibrandi and Khalid M. Mosalam

A New Approach for Structural Reliability Analysis of Offshore Drilling Riser System
X. Zhang, Y. M. Low and C. G. Koh

Decision-Making for Resilience-Enhancing Endowments in Complex Systems using Principles of Risk Measures
Julian Salomon, Sebastian Kruse, Matteo Broggi, Stefan Weber and Michael Beer

Hindcasting Validation of a Resilience Computational Environment Architecture: Community Level Damage Assessment following the 2011 Joplin, Missouri Tornado
John W. van de Lindt, Navid Attary, Hussam Mahmoud, Stephanie Pilkington, Maria Koliou, Harvey Cutler, Sammy Zahran, Walter Peacock, Nathanael Rosenheim, Christopher M. Navarro, Yong Wook Kim and Jong Sung Lee

Comparative Study on Resiliency of Complex Metro Network between Shanghai and Paris
Dongming Zhang, Yanjie Zhang, Hongwei Huang and Bilal M. Ayyub

Reliability and Sensitivity Analysis of Complex Water Distribution Networks
Hector Jensen and Danko Jerez

Review of Flexbility measures for the Design and Operation of Infrastructure
Samuel Torres and Mauricio Sánchez-Silva

Enhancing the Resilience of Real-World Interdependent Traffic Systems
Katharina Klemt-Albert, Robert Hartung, Sascha Bahlau and Robert Idel

Reliability-based Design Optimization Considering Structural Redundancy against Fatigue-Induced Failure
Young-Joo Lee, Hye-Young Tak and Minsun Kim

Multicriteria Lifecycle Analyses for Sustainable and Resilient Building Design
Umberto Alibrandi and Khalid M. Mosalam

Hierarchical Decision Making by Leveraging Utility Theory and Game Theoretic Analysis towards Sustainability in Building Design Operation
Ioannis Konstantakopoulos, Umberto Alibrandi, Khalid M. Mosalam and Costas Spanos

Stochastic Seismic Analysis by Bivariate Gaussian Mixture based Equivalent Linearization Method
Sang-Ri Yi, Ziqi Wang and Junho Song

Modified Envelopes for Seismic Response Vectors and its Application to the Reinforcement Design of Concrete Structures subjected to Stochastic Ground Motion
Weiming Chen, Ziqi Wang and Zhishan Li

Application of Machine Learning Techniques to Earthquake Damage Estimation and Emergency Shutoff of Lifeline Systems
Nobuoto Nojima, Tatsuya Moriyama and Katsushige Ohnishi

Characterization of Method Uncertainty for Axial Pile Design
Zhongqiang Liu, Farrokh Nadim and Suzanne Lacasse

An Analytical Conditional Random field Sampling Approach for Slope Reliability Analysis
Shui-Hua Jiang, Jinsong Huang and Faming Huang

CPTU-based Evaluation of Consolidation Parameters of Jiangsu Soft Clays using Multivariate Distribution Model
Haifeng Zou, Guojun Cai, Songyu Liu and Anand J. Puppala

Real-time Monitoring on Diaphragm Wall Inclination by using WSN
T. Cheng, D. Wang, H.W. Huang, D.M. Zhang, L Shi and F. Du

Non-Intrusive Inspection and Real-Time Monitoring for Tunnel Structural Resilience
Dongming Zhang, Hongwei Huang and Qingtong Li

The Seismic Serviceability analysis of Water Supply Networks
Huiquan Miao, Wei Liu and Jie Li

A Straightforward Moment Method to Estimate the Load and Resistance Factors
Xuan-Yi Zhang, Yan-Gang Zhao, Zhao-Hui Lu and Ye-Xuan Yao

Reliability Assessment on the Performance Evaluation Formula of Buckling-Restrained Brace using Steel Mortar Planks
Fang-Wen Ge, Mamoru Iwata and Yan-Gang Zhao

An Integrated Third-moment Method for Structural Reliability with Correlated Input Variables
Chao-Huang Cai, Zhao-Hui Lu and Yan-Gang Zhao

Various Types of the Cubic Normal Distribution and their Application in Structural Reliability
Xuan-Yi Zhang, Yan-Gang Zhao and Zhao-Hui Lu

Effects of Seismic Sequence on SDOF Structure with Pinching Hysteretic Behavior
Wuchuan Pu and Ming Wu

Point-Estimate Method for Evaluating the Failure Probability Considering the Uncertainties of Distribution Parameters
Zhao-Hui Lu, Pei-Pei Li and Yan-Gnag Zhao

Structural Resilience through Model-Based Data Interpretation: From Building to City-Scale Post-Seismic Assessment
Yves Reuland, Lorenzo Diana, Pierino Lestuzzi and Ian F.C. Smith

Efficient Approximation of the Survival Signature for Large Networks
Jasper Behrensdorf, Sebastian Brandt, Matteo Broggi and Michael Beer

Steps towards Quantifying Fragility in Large-Scale Urban Transit Systems
Steffen O.P. Blume, Michel-Alexandre Cardin and Giovanni Sansavini

Probabilistic Distribution of Maximum Tsunami Height based on Stochastic Process of Water Depth
Zhenhao Zhang and Yi Zeng

Applying Graph Theory and Lifeline Reliability to the System Survival Signature
Tobias-Emanuel Regenhardt, Liu Wei, Matteo Broggi and Michael Beer

Homotopy-series Solution of Eigenpair of Random Structure
Heng Zhang, Bin Huang and Zhifeng Wu

Stochastic Response Analysis of Structures using Isogeometric Method
Wenpei Wang and Dixiong Yang

Dynamic Reliability Analysis of Building Structures Under Near-Fault Ground Motions Based on PDEM
Dixiong Yang and Guohai Chen

A New Adaptive Sparse Polynomial Chaos Expansion method for Structural Reliability Analysis
Wei Zhao, Lingze Bu and Wei Wang

Structural Physical Parameter Identification and Reliability Updating based on Gibbs Sampling
Ziyan Wu and Haifeng Yang

System Reliability Analysis based on Adaptive Estimation of Statistical Moments and Maximum Entropy
Zhengliang Li, Guo Ye, Wenliang Fan and Pu Deng

Beyond the Interdependent Network Design Problem
Andrés D. González, Mauricio Sánchez-Silva, Leonardo Dueñas-Osorio and Andrés L. Medaglia

Asymmetric Dependencies among Soil Parameters - The Copula approach
Yi Zhang, António Topa Gomes, Michael Beer, Ingo Neumann, Udo Nackenhorst and Chul-Woo Kim

Application of Response Surface method to Reliability Analysis and Design for underground Rock Tunnels
Zhi-Peng Xiao and Qing Lü

Risk Assessment for Slope Stability with Enhanced Bayesian Networks Methods
Longxue He, António Topa Gomes, Matteo Broggi and Michael Beer

Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines Model for Reliability Analysis on Serviceability Limit State of Twin Caverns
Yinrong Fu, Anthony T. C. Goh and Wengang Zhang

A New Collocation Points Selection Strategy for Stochastic Response Surface Method
Peng Zeng, Rafael Jimenez, Yu Chen and Tianbin Li

Meta-Modelling of Particle Breakage Characteristics in Dem Simulation
Jiayan Nie, Zhiyong Yang, Dianqing Li, Zijun Cao and Xiaosong Tang

Ranking of Assessment Indices for Land Subsidence Induced Risk using TR-AHP Method in Shanghai, China
Hai-Min Lyu, Shui-Long Shen and Kok-Kwang Phoon

Vulnerability Assessment of a Submerged River bridge via a Simplified Approach
Fu-Sheng Chien, Ming-Yao Chang and Kuo Wei-Liao

Probabilistic Failure Modes Analysis and Fragility Assessment of Steel Frame with Rocking Truss
Ming-Ming Jia, Xin Liu, Da-Gang Lu, Xiao-Hui Yu and Ning Yang

LCC Analysis Based on Performance Degradation of Bridge Considering Site Environments
Sang-Hyo Kim, Won-Ho Heo, Oneil Han and Jaehyub Shin

Corroded RC Bridge Seismic Reliability Assessment via Pushover Analysis
John Thedy, Kuo-Wei Liao, Fu-Sheng Chien and Ming-Yao Chang

Bayesian updating for Spatially Variable Geotechnical Parameters in Shallow Soil-tunneling Mechanics
Changhong Wang

Outlier Analysis to Detect Damage in a Steel Truss Bridge
Yoshinao Goi and Chul-Woo Kim

Vibration Monitoring and Damage Experiment on an Actual Steel Plate Girder Bridge
Chul-Woo Kim, Yoshinao Goi, Gen Hayashi and Takuya Mimasu

Gaussian Process-Based Bayesian Approach to Characterization of Bridge Strain Responses using Stuctural Health Monitoring Data
Hua-Ping Wan and Yi-Qing Ni

Inspection and Maintenance Planning in Large Monitored Structures
Elizabeth Bismut and Daniel Straub

Maintaining an Aging Infrastructure based on a Fuzzy Risk Assessment Methodology
Andreas Panenka and François Marie Nyobeu Fangue

Integrated Power Grid Expansion Planning
Aakil M. Caunhye and Michel-Alexandre Cardin

Addressing Uncertainty: The Economics of Land use Planning
Nishtha Manocha and Vladan Babovic

Load and Management Uncertainty needed in Capacity Planning: Singapore Water Example
Stefano Galelli and Richard De Neufville

Seismic Displacement-Demand and Urban Damage Distribution: The Impact of Different Methods on Vulnerability Assessment
Lorenzo Diana, Yves Reuland, Andrea Manno, Pierino Lestuzzi and Stefano Podestà

Probabilistic Analysis of Climate Change Impacts for Power Pole Networks
Paraic C. Ryan and Mark G. Stewart

Optimal Adaptation of Building Portfolio considering Climate Change Effects
You Dong and Dan Frangopol

Classical System Reliability Analysis by Response Surface Method
Wenliang Fan, Junhao Liao and Zhengliang Li

Landslide Risk in Hong Kong under Extreme Storms
T. Abimbola Owolabi, Limin Zhang and Suzanne Lacasse

Stability Analysis on Landslide Dam under Surge action based on Large-Scale Experiments
Mingzi Jiang, Ming Peng and Yan Zhu

Energy-Based Analysis of Mechanisms of Earthquake-Induced Landslide
Gang Fan, Li-Min Zhang, Jian-Jing Zhang and Fang Ouyang

Bayesian Estimation of Exceedance Probability of Debris Flows
Jian He, Dian-Qing Li, Zi-Jun Cao, Mi Tian and Yi Hong

Scenarios of Large-Scale Landslides and Debris Flows under Extreme Rainstorms
Shengyang Zhou, Limin Zhang and Liang Gao

Long-term Evolution of Debris Flow Actvities at the Epicenter of Wenchuan Earthquake
Ruilin FAN and Limin Zhang

Characterization of Epistemic Uncertainty in River Dike Risk Assessment considering Spatial Distribution of Soil Layer
Hiroto Koide and Yu Otake

Seismic Collapse Fragility Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Frame Structures with Consideration of Modeling Uncertainties using Equivalent SDOF Systems
Ting-Ting Liu, Da-Gang Lu and Xiao-Hui Yu

Reliability Assessment for Pile Foundations using Construction Information based on Incomplete Data
Yu Otake and Shinya Watanabe

Arching Effect on Geo-synthetic Reinforced Pile-supported Embankment Subjected to Cyclic loading: Numerical Study
Zhang Zhen, Tao Fengjuan, Ye Guanbao and Liu Liu

A Study on the Effect of Improved Load Models on Structural Safety
Max Teichgräber, Marcel Nowak, Jochen Köhler and Daniel Straub

Stochastic Seismic Stability Reliability of high CFRD Slopes based on Generalized Probability Density Evolution Method
Pang Rui, Xu Bin and Kong Xiang-Jing

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