doi: 10.3850/978-981-11-0749-8_676

High-resolution Gravure Printing of Graphene Biosensors

T. Knoll1, R. Warmers2, C. Spacie3, A. Brenner1, E. Gorjup1, A. Schultz1, G. Jenke2 and T. Velten1
1Fraunhofer-Institut für Biomedizinische Technik, Joseph-von-Fraunhofer-Weg 1, 66280 Sulzbach, GERMANY
2Saueressig GmbH + Co. KG, Gutenbergstrasse 1-3, 48691 Vreden, GERMANY
3Haydale Ltd., Clos Fferws, Parc Hendre, Ammanford, United Kingdom


On many biosensors, electrically conductive structures are combined with biological components such as proteins to provide the desired functionality. Fabrication procedures need to be developed to produce costeffective disposable devices with electrical and biological functionality. We report about a new roll-to-roll gravure printing process for the fabrication of foil-based biosensors. Printing cylinders with micro structures for graphene printing and protein printing were manufactured. A biocompatible graphene ink was developed for gravure printing and we could demonstrate the transfer of micro structured electrodes with a minimum line width of 50 Ám on a polyester film. Cytotoxicity tests showed the suitability of the developed graphene ink for cell culture applications. The developed roll-to-roll printing process represents a cost efficient approach for the surface functionalization of large-area foil substrates with conductive as well as biological materials.

Keywords: Roll-to-roll gravure printing, Biocompatible graphene ink, Biosensors.

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