Abrasive Waterjet and Abrasive Flow Machining

Session TitleNano Manufacturing I
Date & Time31-March-2015

Abrasive Waterjet Micro Machining of Non-conventional Materials for Industrial Applications
Massimiliano Annoni, Francesco Arleo, Francesco Viganò, Luca Villa and Stefano Volpi

Micro-Machining of Channels using a High Pressure Abrasive Slurry Jet Machine (HASJM)
Naser Haghbin, Farbod Ahmadzadeh, Jan. K. Spelt and Marcello Papini

Modelling and Optimization of Abrasive Flow Machining of Al Alloy
K. P. Maity and K. C. Tripathy

A Combined Numerical-Analytical Methodology for Surface Profile Prediction of Abrasive Slurry Jet Micro-Machined Holes
H. Nouraei, K. Kowsari, B. Samareh, M. Papini, and J. K. Spelt