Additive Manufacturing

Session TitleAdditive Manufacturing
Date & Time31-March-2015

An Electrokinetically-Driven Microfabrication Process for Additive Manufacturing Applications
Victor H. Perez-Gonzalez, Vinh Ho, Matias Vazquez-Piñon, Sergio O. Martinez-Chapa and Lawrence Kulinsky

Aerosol Jet Printed PEDOT:PSS Strain Gauges on FDM Printed Substrates
Frederik Vogeler, Joren De Cuyper and Eleonora Ferraris

Study on Plasma of Micro-Forming Fields Activated Sintering Technology
Gang Yang, Yi Yang, Yi Qin, Deqiang Yin, Mingxia Wu and Kunlan Huang

Numerical Simulation of 3D Additive Manufacturing Process
Kentaro Taki and Hiroshi Ito

Analysis of Balling Phenomenon in Micro Direct Laser Metal Deposition
F. Mazzucato and P. F. Bariani