Nano Manufacturing

Session TitleNano Manufacturing I
Date & Time31-March-2015

Joule Heating Based Sublimation Thinning of Suspended Nanofibers
Giulia Canton, Christian Mendoza-Buenrostro, Marc Madou and Lawrence Kulinsky

Manufacturing and Characterization of Coaxial Microfibers with Different Molecular Weights using Melt Electrospinning Technique
Junghyuk Ko, Jason Keonhag Lee, Patrick C. Lee and Martin Byung-Guk Jun

The Effect of Distribution of UV Light on Elastic Modulus of UV Cured Film in Roll-to-Roll UV Nanoimprint Process
Hiroshi Ito, Shunsuke Kondo, Takehiro Taguchi and Kentaro Taki

Analysis of the Bubble Defects in R2R UV Micro-Imprinting Process
Hao Wu, Peiyun Yi, Linfa Peng and Xinmin Lai

PCB-Based Multi-Spinnerets for High-Efficiency Electrospinning Piezoelectric nonwoven Fiber Fabrics
C. K. Yen, C. T. Pan, Z. H. Liu, F. C. Hsu, L. W. Lin, J. C. Huang and Y. L. Lin

Session TitleNano Manufacturing II
Date & Time31-March-2015

Study by a Cycling Voltammetry of Carbon-Based Nanocomposites with Cu-Sn, Co-Sn, Ni-Sn Nanoparticles for Energy Storage
Ivania Markova, Valentina Milanova, Tihomir Petrov and Ivan Denev

Efficient Fabrication Methods of Various 3D Nanodot Array Structures
Masahiko Yoshino, Zhenxing Li, Motoki Terano and Tadaaki Nagao

New Fabrication Method of Metamaterial Resonator by Self-Organization Method
Takayuki Ueno, Motoki Terano and Masahiko Yoshino

Nanometer-Scale Machining of Gallium Arsenide
Noboru Takano, Keitarou Ooi, Shigeru Yamada and Noboru Morita

Micro Feature Fabrication by Biomachining along with Fine Tuning of Process Parameters for Increasing Metal Removal Rate
Imran Muhammad and Tae Jo Ko

Tissue Cutting with Bio-Inspired Biopsy Punches with Serrated Edges Accompanied by Vibrational Motions
M. Giovannini, P. Han, K. Ehmann and J. Cao