Laser Micro Processing

Session TitleLaser Micro Processing I
Date & Time31-March-2015

Analysis of Shape Geometry of Micro-Channels Fabricated by Laser Milling
Sabina Campanelli, Nicola Contuzzi, Fulvio Lavecchia and Gianluca Percoco

Manufacture of Micro-Hole Array for Planar Porous Aerostatic Bearing with Dual Restrictive Layer using Picosecond Laser
Yu-Ting Lyu, Kuo-Yu Chien, Tien-Ching Chen, Fu-Chuan Hsu and Hsin-Chung Li

Single Step Generation of Microstructured Hydrophobic Aluminium Surface by ns Laser
R. Jagdheesh, J. J. García-Ballesteros and J. L. Ocaña

Improving the Flexibility of Micro Injection Moulding by Exploiting fs-laser Micro Milling to Realize Mould Inserts with Complex 3D Microfeatures
G. Trotta, A. Ancona, A. Volpe, F. Di Niso and I. Fassi

Improving Laser Microcutting Quality of AZ31 Mg Alloy by Submerged Cutting for Manufacturing of Biodegradable Stents
Ali Gökhan Demir and Barbara Previtali

Session TitleLaser Micro Processing II
Date & Time31-March-2015

Microstructure of S7 Tool Steel After Pulsed Laser Micro Polishing
Justin D. Morrow, Qinghua Wang, and Frank E. Pfefferkorn

Laser Polishing of Metallic Freeform Surfaces
Judith Kumstel, John Flemmer and André Temmler

Effects of Initial Surface Texture on Pulsed Laser Micro Polishing of S7 Tool Steel
Qinghua Wang, Justin D. Morrow, Neil A. Duffie and Frank E. Pfefferkorn

The Modern Concept of Microsensors/Microsystems Integration at Wafer Level by High Accuracy Micromanufacturing Processes
D. Ulieru, Oana Maria Ulieru, Xavi Vila and A.Topor

Design of Terahertz Waveguide Filters For Hybrid Manufacturing Based On CNC Milling and Laser Micro-Machining
Xiaobang Shang, Pavel Penchev, Michael J. Lancaster and Stefan Dimov