Micro Injection Moulding & Hot Embossing

Session TitleMicro Injection Moulding I
Date & Time31-March-2015

Prototyping Polymer Microfluidics using a Flexible Injection Mould: Case Studies of using Various Microstructured Tools
Nan Zhang, Richard Byrne and Michael D. Gilchrist

Effect of Vacuum Venting Process on Replication of Nano/Micro-Features in Microinjection Molding: Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
S. Y. Choi, N. Zhang, J. P. Toner, G. Dunne and M. D. Gilchrist

Investigation of Air Entrapment and Weld Line Defects in Micro Injection Moulded Thermoplastic Elastomer Micro Rings
F. B. Hasnaes, G. Tosello, M. Calaon, R. Elsborg and H. N. Hansen

Mould Design and Material selection for Film Insert Moulding of Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Packaging
T. Wöhner, S. Senkbeil, T. L. Olesen H. N. Hansen, A. Islam and G. Tosello

Injection Moulding Simulation of a Microreactor Baseplate
Josko Valentincic, Andrej Glojek and Izidor Sabotin

Design and Fabrication of a Polymeric Micro-Filter
R. Surace, V. Bellantone, G. Trotta, V. Basile, F. Modica and I. Fassi

Session TitleMicro Injection Moulding II
Date & Time31-March-2015

Influence of Micro Injection Moulding Process Parameters on Mechanical Characteristics of POM and POM/CNT Composites
G. Maccarini, C. Merla, C. Ravasio, A. Bongiorno, I. Fassi and C. Pagano

Novel Characterisation Methods of Microneedles Manufactured by Micro-Injection Moulding
K. J. Nair, B. R. Whiteside, C. Tuinea-Bobe, P. Twigg, K.Norris and A. R. Paradkar

Analysis of the Influence of Part Thickness on the Replication of Microstructured Surfaces by Injection Molding
Masato Davide, Sorgato Marco and Lucchetta Giovanni

Injection Molding of Nano-Structured Polylactic Acid Surfaces for Bone Regeneration Studies
Sorgato Marco, Masato Davide and Lucchetta Giovanni

A Novel Setup for Cavity Pressure and Temperature Measurements in Micro-Injection Moulding
G. Trotta, V. Basile and I. Fassi

An Experimental Report of the Force Required to Demould Parts Replicated by Injection Moulding
Kevin D. Delaney and Franck Lacan

Replication Fidelity Assessment in Nano Moulding
M. Calaon, H. N. Hansen, G. Tosello, J. Garnaes and W. Li

Session TitleHot Embossing and Powder Injection Moulding
Date & Time31-March-2015

Relationship of Surfaces of Micro Mold and Embossed Plastic Part
Wang Hui, Yu Zuyuan, Desheng Xiang, Li Jianzhong and Natsu Wataru

A High Throughput Micro-Embossing Manufacturing Cell for Microfluidic Device Manufacture
David E. Hardt, Maia Bageant, Peter Chamberlain, Caitlin Reyda and Katharine Luginbuhl

Viscoelasitic Characterisation, Numerical Simulation and Experimental Investigation of Micro Hot Embossing Process with Amorphous Thermoplastic Polymers
Gang Cheng, Mohamed Sahli, Jean-Claude Gelin and Thierry Barriere

An Inconel Based Feedstock and Its Identification of Rheological Constitutive Model for Powder Injection Moulding
D. Claudel, M. Sahli, J. C. Gelin and T. Barrière

Hybrid Processes for Manufacturing of Multi-Material Micro Parts
V. Piotter, E. Honza, A. Klein, T. Mueller and K. Plewa

Effect of Manufacturing Conditions on the Mechanical and Corrosion Behavior of Micro-Textured AZ91D Prepared by Powder Metallurgy
Aydin Tahmasebifar, Said Murat Kayhan, Zafer Evis and Muammer Koç

Study for Injection Molding of the Intra-oral Scanner Lenses
S. J. Huang, Y. H. Tsai, M. W. Wang, C. C. Li, Kun-Min Huang and Antony H. C. Lee