Metal Forming

Session TitleMetal Forming I
Date & Time31-March-2015

Dynamic Model of One-Dimensional Piezoelectric Actuators in Micro-forming
Peng Hu, Tegoeh Tjahjowidodo and Sylvie Castagne

Effect of Tribological Condition on Forming Minute Parts by Micro-Meso Extrusion of A6063 Alloy
N. Takatsuji, K. Dohda and T. Funazuka

Replication of Prismatic Microstructures by Electromagnetic Embossing
Lasse Langstädtler, Lars Schönemann, Arne Bloem, Christian Schenck and Bernd Kuhfuss

Influence of Lubricant Viscosity on Punch Force in Strip Drawing Test
Hendrik Tetzel Annika Bohlen and Frank Vollertsen

Experimental Study of a Microforging Process of Parallel Ribs from Metal Strip
Tommaso Stellin, Marion Merklein and Ulf Engel

Dimensional Accuracy and Deformation Behaviors in Meso-Scaled Progressive Forming of Two-Level Flanged Parts
M. W. Fu, B. Meng and C. M. Fu

Session TitleMetal Forming II
Date & Time31-March-2015

Microstructure Change by Micro Metal Forming of Sheet Iron
Motoki Terano, Yuji Hirosawa, Masahiko Yoshino and Shiro Torizuka

Elastic-Plastic Damage Behavior Identification in Micro Scale Length from Instrumented Micro-Single Point Incremental Forming
Ramzi Ben Hmida, Fabrice Richard Sébastien Thibaud and Pierrick Malécot

Scalability of Conventional Tube Hydroforming Processes from Macro to Micro/Meso
James Lowrie and Gracious Ngaile

Improved Tool Performance in Microblanking of Thin Metal Foils Through Defined Cutting Edge Modification of Silicon Punches
Sven Hildering, Ulf Engel and Marion Merklein

Investigation of Inhomogeneous Deformation Behavior of Pure Copper Foils in Micro Deep Drawing
Dong Xianghuai, Zhang Haiming and Zhou Xionghui