Session TitleHi-Micro
Date & Time31-March-2015

A Comparative Study of Metal and Ceramic Injection Moulding for Precision Applications
A. Islam, N. Giannekas, D. M. Marhöfer, G. Tosello and H. N. Hansen

Increasing Accuracy and Machining Speed in Precise Electrochemical Machining of a Micro Injection Molding Cavity
Henning Zeidler, Danny Kuhn, André Martin, Gunnar Meichsner and Andreas Schubert

Gate Design in Injection Molding of Microfluidic Components using Process Simulations
D. M. Marhöfer, G. Tosello, A. Islam and H. N. Hansen

Analysis of a PECM Electrode Concept for Micro Injection Moulds by Multiphysics Simulation
Henning Zeidler, André Martin, Michael Kowalick, Matthias Hackert-Oschätzchen and Andreas Schubert

A Method for Dimensional and Surface Optical Measurements Uncertainty Assessment on Micro Structured Surfaces Manufactured by Jet-ECM
D. Quagliotti, G. Tosello, A. M. Islam, H. N. Hansen, H. Zeidler, A. Martin, A. Schubert, C. Brandao and O. Riemer

Manufacturing of µIM Mould Inserts with AMed Cooling Channels
Jun Qian, Karolien Kempen, Frank Welkenhuyzen, Wouter Vanderauwera, Ad Kuijpers, Jun Wang, Fei Yang, Jean-Pierre Kruth and Dominiek Reynaerts