Metrology and Characterisation

Session TitleMetrology, Monitoring and Assembly
Date & Time31-March-2015

Design for Micromanufacturing: A Scaling Study on Tolerance Analysis
Nishant Srinivasan and J. Rhett Mayor

Evaluation of the Capabilities and Damage Risk of Cleaning Methods for Micro-CMM Stylus Tips
Xiaobing Feng, Simon Lawes and Peter K. Kinnell

Uncertainty in 3D Micro Measurement with Focus Variation Microscopy
Giovanni Moroni, Wahyudin P. Syam and Stefano Petrò

2D Position Sensor Based on Speckle Correlation
Arne Bloem, Christian Schenck and Bernd Kuhfuss

Electrostatic Force for Self-alignment of Microparts and Its Dependence on Geometrical and Electrical Parameters
Kritikou Georgia, Lazarou Panagiotis and Aspragathos Nikolaos

Session TitleMaterials Testing
Date & Time31-March-2015

Characterization Analysis According to the Filler Metal Types and the Diffusion Bonding Copula Shape Conditions on the Cemented Carbide
Ba Wi Jeong and Jeong Woo Park

Microstructure Characterization of Ductile Cast Iron and Its Phase Properties Detection
Surendra Sujakhu, Sylvie Castagne and Muhammad Taureza

Quantitative Measurements of Plasticity in Confined Cu Thin Films with a Micro-Pillar Protocol
Yang Mu and W. J. Meng

Custom Testing Machine for Biaxial Loading of Microtubes
Peter W. Ripley and Yannis P. Korkolis