Cotech Special Session       

The COTECH Knowledge Database: Assessment of Critical Factors in Micro Moulding
G. Tosello, C. A. Griffiths, H. N. Hansen and S. S. Dimov

Study on a New Micro Injection Moulding Process by Converging Micro Injection with Hot Embossing pvT-characteristics
Andreas Schoth, Lars Nägele, Thomas Schlauf, Helmut Loibl, Martin Ganz and Holger Reinecke

8 Pin RIC Socket for Hearing Aid Applications
Aminul Islam, Hans N. Hansen, Søren Davids and Lars Kristensen

Micro 2C-injection Moulding – Investigations on Interface Performance
E. Honza, A. Klein, K. Plewa, V. Piotter, C. Tuinea-Bobe and B. Whiteside

Transparent High Aspect Ratio Replication using Two-Component Hot Embossing
A. Kolew, M. Heilig, M. Schneider, D. Münch, S. Scholz, P. Petkov and M. Worgull

Polycarbonate based Materials for Micro-Cooling Device
T. Pietri, E. Pauty, M. Carriquiry and T. Albertin

Characterising the Injection Kinetics of a Microinjection Moulding Machine
B. R. Whiteside, C. L. Tunea-Bobe and P. D. Coates