Systems: Novel Product & Systems Design

Development of a Microfluidic-based Lateral Flow Immunoassay for the Detection of Human Serum Albumin
Roland Palkovits, Marlies Schlauf, Saied Assadollahi, Peter Pointl, Thomas Trapichler and Thomas Schalkhammer

Experimental and Numerical Investigation on a Full Forward Extrusion Process from Metal Strip
T. Stellin, U. Engel and M. Merklein

Design and Simulation of an Integrated Micro-Hotplate for Gas Sensing Applications
A. Nemecek, M. Siegele, C. Gamauf, J. Teva, J. Kraft, F. Schrank and H. Noll

MEMS Magnetic AC Field Detection
Michael Stifter, Thilo Sauter, Wilfried Hortschitz, Franz Keplinger and Harald Steiner

Development of a Planar Porous Aerostatic Bearing with Dual Restrictive Layer
Kuo-Yu Chien, Chung-Li Tsai, Fu-Chuan Hsu, Hsin-Chung Li and Kun-Min Huang

A Hybrid Microfluidic-EWOD System for Complex PoC-Devices
Khaled Metwally, Leopold Georgi, Valérie Petrini, Laurent Robert, Chantal Khan-Malek and Erik Jung

Design and Manufacturing of Metal Micro Grids on Thin Film Solar Cells
A. Hovestad, P. Voorthuizen, H. Rendering and P. J. Bolt