Metrology: Inspection & Characterisation

Synthesis and Study of Porous Carbon Foam/Cu (Cu-Sn) Nanoparticles Composites for Electrode Materials
T. Petrov, I. Markova-Deneva, O. Chauvet and I. Denev

Evaluation of Optical Inspection Methods for Non-Destructive Assessment of Embedded Microstructures and Defects in Ceramic Materials
R. Su and L. Mattsson

A Method for Doubling Vertical Resolution in Fused Deposition Modeling
D. B. Pedersen, H. N. Hansen and J. Rasmussen

In-vivo Characterization of Acoustical Response of Animal Middle Ear by Partially Implantable Fiber-Optic Microphone
Z. Djinovic, R. Pavelka, M. Stojkovic and M. Tomic