Process Characterisation Including Process Chains

Replication and Characterization of 316L Stainless Steel Micro-Structured Parts by Powder Injection Moulding
J. Zhang, M. Sahli, J-C. Gelin and C. Millot

Aluminium Foils Surface Deformation using Vibration-Assisted Micro-Forging
Yang Bai and Ming Yang

A Novel Approach for Size Up-Scaling of Nickel Master for the Replication of Micro and Nano Features
Krastimir Popov, Hassan Hirshy and Petko Petkov

The Influence of Electrode Shape and Material on Micro EDM Drilling Process
G. D’Urso, G. Maccarini, C. Merla and C. Ravasio

Process Factors Influence on Residual Layer Uniformity in Hot Embossing
F. Omar, A. Kolew, E. B. Brousseau and H. Hirshy

Replication of an Aluminum Master for Large Scale Optics
Io Mizushima, Peter T. Tang, Klaus S. Hansen, Stefania Gasparin and Henrik Madsen

Fabrication of Fine-Finish Micro-Shapes by Simultaneous Micro-EDM and Micro-ECM
Minh Dang Nguyen, Mustafizur Rahman and Yoke San Wong

Micro EDM Deep Drilling with Insulated Tool Electrodes
E. Ferraris, V. Castiglioni, F. Ceyssens, M. Corda, M. Annoni and D. Reynaerts

On the Manufacturing of Porous Micro-scale Structure Arrays on Large Surface Areas
Ömer Necati Cora and Muammer Koç