Components: Fabrication & Assembly

Micro Wire Electrochemical Machining with Axial Electrolyte Flow
Y. B. Zeng, D. Zhu, N. S. Qu, H. S. Li and S. H. Wang

Flip Chip Technology Applications by Solderless Processing
Dumitru Ulieru, Elena Ulieru and Adrian Tantau

A “Velcro” Type of Metal based Micro Connector
Herbert Schuck, Frank Bauerfeld, Thorsten Knoll, Thomas Velten, Michael Zwanzig, Ralf Schmidt and Christine Kallmayer

Large-Area Sub-Micron Structured Surfaces using Micro Injection Moulding Templates of Nanoporous Anodized Aluminum Oxide
N. Zhang, S. Harrison, C. Keogh, P. Meagher and M. D. Gilchrist